RPG Maker DC - Confortare

The First Task
The beginning of the journey.

King Basilius of the kingdom of Confortare has requested a party head off to the kingdom of Sapientia in response to a recent attack on Astu, capitol of Confortare, by a large army made up entirely of monsters.

Ohno the Gnome Samurai, Praug the Priest, and Harl the Archer have been tasked with infiltrating the kingdom of Sapientia to uncover any information they may be able to find regarding the mysterious monster army.

On the way they stopped at Urbs and were asked to help out with a child whom had recently been attacked by an unknown creature south of town. With the aid of the child’s friend Natio and Natio’s mother the party discovered a large bat and a putrid slime had been in the area. They dispatched the two foes skillfully and after receiving a bit of a reward they headed on towards Moenia, center of Tendo.

Upon arriving they discovered the town was incredibly small and held very few people despite the number that passed through it each day via train and airship travel. One family mentioned that a new city guard was being sworn in over in Sapientia sometime in the next week and that they were heading to the celebration in which there were going to be some special fireworks.

The group also found out about the horrible food being served in Moenia and decided to investigate. The only chef in town, a retired city guard, was serving poisoned rats to all the people! They found the rat hole and purified the poisoned waters so that no one would get sick anymore. They also had to dispatch a giant rat in the cave. After returning to Moenia and receiving a reward from a rat hunter, they decided to investigate the strange color of the rat’s eyes. The alchemist informed them that the rat was poisoned with a basic type of magic, and that it was definitely intentional. Also, poisoning so much water at one time would require at least two magic users with access to that spell.

The group now looks towards Sapientia and their original task.


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